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Online Sales Software for Automotive Dealerships

You worked hard to get the leads. Now it is time to make the sale. You need a dealer management system to help you with the process. Carsinia is up for the challenge. Here are the areas that can be managed with our software:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): For a lot of the sales people, CRM is the only thing that matters as far as computers go. Basically it is a computer based rolodex. Like any other software, it can come with a lot of add ons. The main purpose is to be able to remember what you said to a customer before and act upon it. You can record when to call a customer again and be reminded of it. You can send emails through the system so they will be recorded as well. Finally, the performance reports for sales people are pulled from this data.

Desking: You gave a quick quote to a lead on the phone using our system. You got the customer to come in. Now it is time to structure the deal. Our deal wizard will guide you step by step. You will set up the terms and pricing. You can enter custom fees, calculate taxes, payment terms, trade balances, etc. Once the customer agrees with the deal you can move on to the next step.

Credit Reports: You need to pull the credit reports for most customers. If it is a financed deal, you should definitely check it out. If you are the lender, there is no question about it. If the cash price of the vehicle is more than $10,000 you need to check out the OFAC lists. Carsinia integrates with CredCo to get this data for you right in the deal wizard and in the customers section.

Credit Apps: We have a generic credit application form you can use for submitting apps to lenders for underwriting stage. We also have an integration module with EZ Dealer Finance where you can submit your apps to multiple lenders quickly. All you need to do then is wait to hear back the results, which will be available in our DMS. This is a similar system to Dealer Track and Route One.

Forms: We make DMV forms available in your account. Registration, title application, odometer statement, buyer's guide, bill of sale are some common ones. Our purchase order form is highly customizable. You can enter your own terms and conditions. You can print retail installment contracts from dot matrix printers.

Profit Recap: The last stage of any deal is the profit recap. You need to check how much money you will be making. Our system will summarize all revenue and costs and report front end and back end profits. Participation and reserve payments can be calculated and entered to the system.

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