Car Dealer Marketing Ideas

Online Marketing Software for Automotive Dealerships

Carsinia provides a web-based auto dealer management system that makes online marketing for car dealers very easy. There are 5 main channels that should be used for this purpose: Craigslist, Autotrader,, eBay and Google. Our software can send inventory to all of them.

Craigslist: Craigslist is one of the first places that people visit when they are looking to buy a used car. There is no statistic but it probably brings more leads than any other site you may think of. It is not easy to post your inventory on Craigslist. There are a lot of fine details to it. It is not just a matter of writing good ads that bring in leads. The main problems are called Ghosting and Flagging. Our system takes care of that. See for more details.

Autotrader: Autotrader is a great site for bringing leads. You can post new and used cars. Our DMS can send the inventory nightly to Autotrader. Vehicle pictures are sent as well. The specifications are sent based on our VIN decoder. Since you cannot put a direct link to your website, you can add auto text in all your posts explaining your website address and features. It certainly costs more than Craigslist but much easier to post cars. is another site for sending your inventory. They provide good tools for research and reporting. In many ways it is like Autotrader but they each have their advantages. Our system can integrate with the same way. One added benefit is that we can also send vehicle videos to

eBay Motors: eBay is a great channel for car sales. You should try to sell on local classifieds if you can. Otherwise, you can easily liquefy your inventory with auctions. Our system can post to eBay very easily with great looking customized templates. It saves you money since you do not need to buy additional templates. 6 cars per year can be posted for free.

Google: 65% of the consumers start their used car research at Google. How can you submit your vehicles to Google? You need to get a website. We provide custom websites that are search engine friendly. This means that when somebody searched for a make and model you have with the area you are in, your website will come up in the first page. Contact us for more details and demo.

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