Online Dealer Accounting System

Online Accounting Software for Automotive Dealerships

Every business needs accounting. As a dealer, you can always use a standard accounting package like peach tree or quickbooks. In fact this is what most dealer software integrates with. They do not provide accounting directly. There are a few that provide it but they are Windows based. This means, it is difficult to share the info with your accountant. What is more, they are usually pretty expensive. We are in the process of building our integrated accounting features. It is a simple but powerful module. Here are some highlights below.

Custom Accounts: We have some built-in accounts but you can always define new accounts. You can set their types: income, expense, current/fixed assets, liability, equity, etc. The system will present you with a general ledger's view of transactions based on info entered in various parts of the system. Floor plan payments, sales, vendor payments will show up as accounting transactions. In this very list you can enter your own transactions like paying bills, payroll, depreciation, etc. Then it is just a matter of reporting to find out how you are doing.

Balance Sheet: This is also called "statement of financial position" or "profit and loss". It relies on a single formula: assets = liability + equity. It summarizes all info entered in the system and shows you where you stand for a given date. Asset and liability categories can be customized.

Income Statement: This report summarizes the results of a dealer's operations for a period of time. Four major types of items appear on income statements: revenues, expenses, gains and losses. Revenues are inflow of assets (e.g. sales). Expenses arise from consuming resources to generate revenue (e.g. vehicle purchase costs). Gains and losses are like revenue and expenses but they are not part of the regular operations (e.g. other income, other expenses). The bottom line shows the profit or loss.

Flow of Cash: Cash is king and this report shows your status regarding your bank account. Cash flows are put in 3 categories: operating, investing and financing activities.

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3/15/2012 Update: We started our own accounting module development but we have not finished it yet. We did complete Quickbooks export. Click here for more details.

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