Carsinia Online Dealer Management System

Welcome to our website. We provide a full featured DMS that is designed to address all your needs. With Carsinia, you do not need an additional system to manage your business. What is more, our system is online (e.g. web based). No setup needed, no backups, multiple people can use it at the same time and you can access it from anywhere - even from your phone. Please read more about our features below and contact us for any questions and demo.

Online Marketing and Websites

Carsinia provides a web-based auto dealer management system that makes online marketing for car dealers very easy. There are 5 main channels that should be used for this purpose: Craigslist, Autotrader,, eBay and Google. Our software can send inventory to all of them. Craigslist is one of the first places that people visit when they are looking to buy a used car and we have the best solution for it.

65% of the consumers start their used car research at Google. How can you submit your vehicles to Google? You need to get a website. We provide custom websites that are search engine friendly. This means that when somebody searched for a make and model you have with the area you are in, your website will come up in the first page.

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Sales Software and CRM

You worked hard to get the leads. Now it is time to make the sale. You need a system to help you with the process. Carsinia is up for the challenge. We have everything you need from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to forms and documents. Our CRM can create leads based on emails from your website.

Once you get the customer in, our deal wizard will guide you through the desking process. You can structure the deal quickly, pull the credit report for the customer, submit applications to multiple lenders and print out sales forms easily. Finally, you can review your profit margins at the last step of the sale.

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Accounting and Reports

Every business needs accounting. As a dealer, you can always use a standard accounting package like peach tree or quickbooks but having an online integrated accounting is much much easier. You do not need to worry about which inventory you exported, which transaction you recorded, etc. Most systems do not provide accounting directly. There are a few that do but they are Windows based. This means, it is difficult to share the info with your accountant. What is more, they are usually pretty expensive. We are in the process of building our integrated accounting features. It is a simple but powerful module.

You can setup your custom accounts and enter transactions. The system will provide you with a general ledger's view of accounts based on the activity in the system. We will have balance sheet, income statement and flow of cash reports. This is vital business intelligence.

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